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Dear Festividder,

First off, apologies in advance: I don’t really have prompts for any of these. Music-wise, I’m most familiar with country music and oldies but I have no musical preference and would rather leave that up to you.

Basically, this whole letter is: “Here’s why I like this source. Make the vid of your heart! I’ll love it!”


I’ve only seen the first four seasons, but I love everyone in ISIS–especially the ladies!

The Bad Seed (1956) [SAFETY]

I was so worried about the staginess of this movie that I almost didn’t nominate it. I mean, it’s basically a filmed play and the characters spend a lot of time discussing Freudian psychology, to boot. However, I’ve loved this movie since I was 11 and Rhoda, that “sweet, old-fashioned little dear,” is still scary as hell.

Fargo (1996) [SAFETY]

This is one of those movies I watch every time it comes on TV—to the point where I can hear the theme from the other room and realize Fargo is on. I love all the characters—especially Marge Gunderson, but really, everyone—and I’m excited to see a vidder put their own spin on a movie I love.

From Dusk Till Dawn (2014)

I love all the characters (even the morally ambiguous and evil ones), the mythology, the cool shots, and just…I want more of it. I like the Fullers, and the Geckos, and Carlos, and Santanico Pandemonium and Freddie and…and everyone. I’m excited to see what you do with it!

Halloween Film Series (1978)

Confession time: Halloween III: Season of the Witch is one of my favorite movies in this franchise. So if you want to focus on Tom Atkins vs. evil Druids (and robots), awesome! However, I like Michael Myers and company, too.

Heathers [SAFETY]

When I was sixteen, my depression was the worst it had ever been and Heathers was on Comedy Central every week. Its ideas about our culture’s romanticizing of teen suicide–that suicide made kids more interesting and beautiful, especially if they were rich and pretty/handsome and popular to begin with, and that this was such a predictable response that serial killers could manipulate people with it–comforted me and gave me hope in a way nothing else did.

How to Get Away With Murder

Oh, man, this show! I love Annalise and the core students (minus Doucheface, I guess.)

Spider Baby [SAFETY]

Okay, so…I just really love this movie—more than it deserves. The Merrye family have a genetic syndrome so rare it’s named after them; they’re also really wealthy and have a nice house. Some of their distant relatives want to institutionalize them and steal the house, but the Merryes won’t take it lying down. Yes, it relies on all the worst stereotypes about mental illness and developmental disability to work (the Merryes are literally devolving into animal-human hybrids), but I’ve always loved how close-knit and protective of each other the Merryes are.

Once again, I’m really excited about all of these fandoms and can’t wait to see what you make!

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