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One level left in the boring game I am supposed to be reviewing! Yay! (OMG, internet, it is SO BORING. Sadly. I have to write at least 600 words about it, and I can only think of one, which is "meh.") ETA: And...done!

Also, a few straggling Christmas cards left! ETA: And...done!

And I really, really, really will work on my [community profile] white_lotus  fic today. (As with something I wrote for [community profile] white_lotus last year, it is on the one hand the most ambitious thing I have ever written and on the other won't be anonymous to ANYONE.) So obviously, I am terrified of it, because OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAVE I DONE? Someone kick me in the pants.

I...seem to be on a mission to queer the entire Tendo house? Because today I realized that if Ranma and Ryoga share a room futon, which Ranma would offer, in front of everyone, as a way of messing with him--"Where does Ryoga sleep when he's here?" Akane wants to know, as she's petting P-chan--and also, Akane could sneak into their room now and then, then THE DADS CAN SLEEP TOGETHER. In canon, Ranma shares a bed with his horrible dad, who is so horrible that Nabiki, who is WAY closer to DSM-IV sociopathy than Azula could ever hope to be, called him on it. 

Speaking of Nabiki, although I have complained about Hollywood sociopaths as POV characters because of their lack of emotional depth, I am actually...fond of Nabiki, including as a POV character in certain situations, as long as certain things are kept in mind. (For instance, that the only conflict she would ever have is How to Get More Money.) She is surrounded by total wierdos (many of them with major Painful Feelings about various things), and her shallow emotions mean she is totally unfazed by all the weirdness. Even when she "called out" Ranma's dad for being a horrible father, it was just a statement of fact. As long as she can extort money from these people, she doesn't care what they do.

But, see, her dream lover is obviously Tatewaki Kuno, who is very rich and very gullible. (What more could she possibly want?) But HE IS A DUDE! I suppose I could ship her with his sister Kodachi, who is ALSO rich and gullible, but I wouldn't be comfortable writing a poly ship of the three of them.  Perhaps she could play them both and cheat on them with each other, which seems more her style, anyway. Also, bonus, neither of them will know how much money the other gave her. And that just leaves Kasumi, who may be the lone het outlier. Or, wait! Maybe she's asexual, and she has a romantic friendship with one of the Kunos while Nabiki scams both of them. *ponders*
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