terajk: Kyle from Child's Play 2 flipping the bird. (so done with this killer doll's bullshit)
 Since Mavericks broke iMovie HD for real and my new computer broke Snow Leopard for real I'm making my Festivids assignment in iMovie 10. Which doesn't let you place clips exactly where you want them if there's nothing behind them so I have to vid IN ORDER.


Aug. 17th, 2013 06:35 pm
terajk: Kyle from Child's Play 2 flipping the bird. (so done with this killer doll's bullshit)
So I finally finished the vid for [community profile] cripbigbang today.

And realized I got the aspect ratio wrong.



Go me!

Aug. 12th, 2013 10:07 am
terajk: Toph pointing and laughing. TEXT: Fail (toph: fail!)
So I finally found the song for the Toph & Teo vid I wanna do for [community profile] cripbigbang! (It’s Beyonce’s “I Was Here.”)

I’m still nervous that it won’t have enough to do with the fic I’m complementing, but the song is about wanting to make a mark on the world and the fic involves Toph and Teo going around the world and making it a more accessible place.

Also, it’s a slow and possibly haunting tune (oh no not another one. At least I'm planning a Child's Play-series vid to a Fred Penner song? Hush.) And I love how in the fic spoilers for the fic ) And the song being kind of sad-sounding will help me focus on her Disability Superpower as a TVTropes-style deconstruction of the trope. (As in, she learned that needing help is toxic and bad and also that being able to do things better than most people is what makes her valuable.)

Of course, there are problems making a 4-minute Toph and Teo vid--like how there just aren't a lot of scenes of Teo. Also, LOTS of Toph vids use the same clips of her fighting in "The Blind Bandit," and I'd like to avoid those. But they're awesome!

Also I'm sure clips from Legend of Korra would be fabulous, but I'm way behind on Korra.


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