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[personal profile] torachan is running Transfic Mini Fest 3, a commentfic meme celebrating trans,* nonbinary and intersex characters, canonical or not. I played last year, and it was much fun.

[personal profile] terabient is running a 3 Weeks for DW Video Game Drabblefest! Someone has already left a Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 prompt, and has yet to think of any good Disgaea prompts. She's also facepalming that she isn't further in Final Fantasy XIII, and is about to break out some BlazBlue for research.

ETA: Ahahaha I suck so hard at BlazBlue it is not even funny. Since Vriska is right and real gamers cheat, I should probably YouTube the plot.
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[personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting the nonbinarygendered child of the fantastically awesome 3W4DW anime/manga/manhwa/manhua drabblefest!

How It Works:

1. This drabblefest will run from April 26 - May 17 (three weeks, like 3W4DW!). The post will be open for both prompts & fills the whole time.

2. Post your prompts in comments. You can prompt anonymously or not. Prompts must be from anime/manga/manhwa/manhua fandoms only. One prompt per comment, please, using the following format:

Fandom, character/pairing, prompt (For example: Natsume Yuujinchou, Taki, things her grandfather didn't tell her)

For crossovers: Fandom 1/fandom 2, character/pairing, prompt

I love writing/reading drabbles and other tiny stories, and last year's edition was TONS of fun and I may have left Soul Eater prompts already, jeez.
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Remix 2011 opens for business tomorrow and I cannot wait, people! I see that shiny, secret story in my Gifts page and...eee!

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Here's an index on Delicious of all the PWD being awesome commentfic prompts, a la [community profile] fic_promptly Prompts will be added as they come in. And remember--even if a prompt has been filled, you can still write for it! Also--all ratings welcome!

Also-also! If there's anything else I can do to make prompts easier to find (or make anything else easier), please let me know!
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Oh my goodness there is a shiny new [community profile] twinpeaks comm! And they have some damn fine coffee there! Right now there is a "What brought you to Twin Peaks?" discussion.

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YOU GUYS, I cannot believe how great the PWD Being Awesome commentfic fest is going! So many great prompts! I want all the stories! eee! And [personal profile] jalendavi_lady posted the first fill--a Fullmetal Alchemist fic called Blind Ambition

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 Welcome to the People with Disabilities (PWD) Being Awesome Commentfic Fest!

I love people with disabilities doing awesome things. In the spirit of  Festibility at [community profile] access_fandom  I thought: "What better time to celebrate people with disabilities being awesome than [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw ?" (In the shower this morning, because I am the best planner ever.)
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