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1. So [personal profile] kaz just finished watching Puella Magi Madoka and has these thoughts about it, and I love them. I will comment properly soon. <3


3. Related to *that,* my brain is all: "Hey! Since we're writing ridiculous Madoka crossovers anyway, why not write the one where Madoka takes wee!Death the Kid out fbhy erncvat (rot13)?" and I am all: "NOT WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, BRAIN."


5. At [community profile] access_fandom is a survey about a future disability big bang. Curse my inability to write anything longer than 1400-odd words. Or draw well. Or SHIP ANYONE RIGHT D: D: D:


Oct. 29th, 2012 03:46 pm
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Self, I don't care if someone requested Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten for Yuletide and it has no offers thusfar; we are not signing up for Yuletide. (We are nowhere near done with our [community profile] femslash12 assignment, jeez.) If we want to later, we can write it as a New Year's Resolution thingie.

This meme is still going on.


Sep. 27th, 2012 09:18 am
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Remember how months ago I was thinking of writing something about disability in Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well I was writing up this informal but long thing just now, when the Spinning Beach Ball of Death came and ate it.

All of it.

D: D: D:
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Signups are open for [community profile] femslash12, operation: Azula, Katara and Toph get all the babes the multifandom femslash fic exchange/athon! I'm still fiddling with my signup. Come play!

I've never done this exchange before, and am really super nervous, as my sexual orientation is "asexual with a romantic preference for ladies that I have limited experience with in real life." The kinds of things I have strong feelings for aren't necessarily romantic (hand-holding! sharing a bed! sharing food! cuddles!--*will edit signup to offer Aoi Hana after posting this, as I can't believe I FORGOT*), and in my writing I never know if I've shipped people or not. Also, while I write all kinds of kinky fic, I write porn only slightly better than I write maps. D:

After a re-read of Azumanga Daioh I find myself craving (Kagura)&/Osaka&/Tomo. Or Tomo roleplaying as Fujiko Mine. Which is kind of silly, as my memories of Lupin III are vague as hell and almost none of them involve Fujiko except as a name Lupin mentioned a lot. (Luckily, Fujiko has her own anime now!)

Also, for anyone so inclined, my AIM chat name is terajk (boring, I know)
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I have TWO SPACES left on my kink_bingo card for my "characters with disabilities" line. I would like to fill them. One is "electricity." I have:
  • Two PWD with electricity-based powers. One is an asshole; (also, the person I'd ship her with refuses to do this square, for several good reasons); the other is not.
  • Two PWD with my navigational impairment. One is an asshole; the other is not. (Two points for Marie Mjolnir! And half a point for Azula, because even though she is a horrible person she is at least honest about it, unlike Ryouga, who I have had lots of trouble writing lately because CANNOT UNSEE THE FEDEX ARROWS EVERYWHERE.)
  • Teo, who would TOTALLY help discover/invent electricity and then use it for fun. (I am inclined to ship Teo with Sokka, b/c SCIENCEBROS.) But then I would have to do, like, actual science. Unless I ship him/the both of them with Aang, who is the Avatar and could probably learn lightningbending and is not an asshole.
  • [personal profile] nenena's fabulous Soul Eater thinky-thoughts percolating in my brain, and thus:
  • A burning desire to put Sid and Stein together--especially when they were students and Sid was, you know, alive--and see what happens.
  • A burning desire for Maka, Tsubaki, Liz, Patti (and maybe Marie) and Kid to go on an adventure, and Kid is like, "I am the only dude in the room. Uh" and I am like: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (But then I feel bad, because I replaced Maka's weapon and I have trouble writing Soul to begin with.)
  • MARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! But when I think of "Marie" and "electricity kink" I can only think of the obvious, which has been done for [community profile] kink_bingo already :(


Jun. 16th, 2012 09:54 pm
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  1. So, there's this new coffee shop opening up (COFFEE!) and I know how to walk there! It's owned by/part of a church, and the church is looking for volunteers to help out for an hour a week, doing drywall or vacuuming and doing windows. Yesterday I actually talked to the pastor and was supposed to come in today, but there were storms! I did actually call to let him know I wouldn't be in (sort of a big deal for me,) but I still feel bad. Even though, like, there was supposed to be a parade today and it got postponed/cancelled.

  2. TERRIBLE horror movie I saw today! Fatphobia and ableism )

  3. Speaking of feeling bad, I defaulted on my first fic exchange D: But! While writing 1k is sort-of-overwhelming for me right now, I can still make treats? Which are shorter? And which don't have to be fic?

  4. My brain wants to write character sketches--I do this a lot, and it's an important part of my process. But right now my brain wants to tackle the Toph-Azula thing, (SPOILERS) and nothing good EVER comes of that. I've half-convinced myself that once I've worked out all the interpersonal conflicts and also FEELINGS, the actual plot will fall into place. And it won't require Toph's friends/Zuko and Iroh to come down with Plot-Induced Incompentence. Or convenient death.

  5. Relatedly! I could also work on things that have stuff in common with the Toph-Azula thing, but would be less hard/made of shame and foolishness. Like The Epic Story of That Time Shibusen was Undergoing Renovations and Kid and Miss Marie Were Like, "Eff this nonsense! Let's skip school!" Or The Epic Story of How Ranma Showed Ryoga Where the Cat Cafe Is, Maybe, and Akane Sprained Her Eyeballs from Rolling Them So Hard. Or The Epic Story of That Time Ryoga and Mousse Saved Nerima and by Extension, the Universe Together, although I need to read Journey to the West Or Blair doing things (including being a psychiatric service cat) because....BLAIR! (A lot of things we've found about service animals are about dogs. Blair would like to complain.)

  6. I still haven't figured out, like, a way to organize all these notes and research generally. Which means I can also waste time planning A System instead of writing or whatever. (Although I do totally need A System.)

  7. But again, I still feel BAD about not being able to write things, and 100 words is doable! And [personal profile] petra is running Porn Tag Calvinball! My thread is here. (ATLA, Ouran, Ranma 1/2, Soul Eater--also if anyone wants to prompt me with Azula/Toph I will not complain.
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  1. I should probably just accept that Soul Eater has eaten my brain for now. (TMI: Some of the problem is that it's also my Time of the Month /TMI) I should probably work on vacuuming the house and playing the video game I'm supposed to be reviewing, but other than that, I should just go with it. Relatedly

  2. The Disability in Soul Eater series made the Fanlore Soul Eater page! On the one hand I'm totally humbled, and on the other hand--eep! Because

  3. I still have to finish it, and I haven't even started the next part, because Professor Stein is intimidating as hell--and not because he likes dissecting people. (I should probably just forget that part in the wiki that says he's one of the most complex characters in the series.). And Ms. Marie, IDEK. While she totally does have a disability (hint: I started watching/reading Soul Eater for Operation: Find All the Lost People), she breaks the pattern of how the other PWD are in a couple major ways. And I'm not sure Ohkubo considers her a PWD to begin with, though I suppose his opinion doesn't matter :p.

  4. I sort of...want all the Blair and Kid friendship fic ever? Where she thinks he's weird because he doesn't really respond to her Awesome Sex Powers? And he thinks she's weird because she's super-friendly/keeps trying to use her Awesome Sex Powers/is a cat, but they're still friends anyway? And he's somehow better friends with Blair than anyone else is?

  5. Okay, okay...I want all the Kid & anybody friendship fic ever. (Kid and Crona? I mean, screw the manga's actual plot--come on.) And I really think that he and Maka should interact more. They both can see souls! They both have super-awesome security clearance at the library! She's a garden-variety perfectionist! She even asked him to go on a mission with her once and I was SO HAPPY because they would have an ADVENTURE! But then Kid lost all his spoons--all of them--and didn't get to go, and I was very sad.
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I have to write about things in public before I write them especially when my mother is no help which is why I am horrible at anonymous fic exchanges.

Or: I am lost in the Soul Eater disability meta.

Spoilers for said meta, although they're rambly and may not make sense )
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On the one hand, the Soul Eater meta is exciting! On the other, I don’t know if I’ve almost got a draft written or if I’m totally lost. Also, I’m really nervous about doing an in-depth analysis of a character I love with Not My Impairment--especially because some of the things I love about him remind me of a character who does have my impairment. And especially since there's a similar "that's horrible but also funny" tone involved, and I don't know if Soul Eater pulls it off as well as Ranma 1/2 does. For one thing, all the characters in Ranma 1/2 are treated like this--in Soul Eater, this tone is mostly reserved for him and his disability. (There are characters who are funny while they are horrible, like the Big Bad, but that's different.)

It also doesn’t help that a big chunk of my argument rests on something that's only revealed in the manga, and which I only know about secondhand. Namely (skip) that he is the godly personification of his disability. Obviously, I should take time off writing and read like hell.

Also, Soul Eater is weird. In a good way, but I can't help feeling like I'm misunderstanding the entire thing.
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 On the one hand, the disability in Soul Eater meta is coming along. (It is scary and fun!)  At this point, I could call it: Why Death the Kid is an Effing Brilliant Subversion of Lovecraftian Mad Gods, with Pictures.

On the other hand, Lovecraft is an impenetrable bastard.

On the other hand (hey, it's Lovecraft), I can totally get books through interlibary loan. BOSS!

Gah! Plot!

Dec. 31st, 2011 06:25 pm
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So,[community profile] white_lotus fic is now twice as long as the longest thing I’ve ever written. It is a mess, goes nowhere, and every time I look at it I panic. It looks like it’s gone somewhere, though, because I keep writing bits I feel like writing, even if they aren’t supposed to happen yet. The problem is, it needs an actual plot and I DON’T WRITE PLOT. And I don’t know how to get the plot to start. I’m of half a mind just to scrap the whole thing, or even see if I can expand bits I’ve written into something that doesn’t need a plot. (This seems like the best plan.)

The problem is, I panic every time I think about it, and then avoid it. (This is what I do, especially when something seems too “big”) I was doing so well when I just thought of it in little pieces, but then I was all: “I’m writing this epic thing!” and then everything broke. (Today I managed to write 100 words, which is pretty good, but still no plot.)

But! I like the plot! It would totally be a story I’d read if I didn’t have to write the damn thing. People in my f-list who write long, plotty things (or just long things--the longest thing I’ve written before this was 1400+ words), HOW DO YOU DO IT?
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So, I wrote a Ouran Highschool Host Club ficlet for [personal profile] glass_icarus for [community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag, but then I wanted to delete it and repost it (I forgot that Usa-chan actually does wear a bowtie). But I forgot that I never saved it until after I deleted it, so I wrote it all again. And here it is:

Party! (Ouran, Haruhi/Host Club)
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One level left in the boring game I am supposed to be reviewing! Yay! (OMG, internet, it is SO BORING. Sadly. I have to write at least 600 words about it, and I can only think of one, which is "meh.") ETA: And...done!

Also, a few straggling Christmas cards left! ETA: And...done!

And I really, really, really will work on my [community profile] white_lotus  fic today. (As with something I wrote for [community profile] white_lotus last year, it is on the one hand the most ambitious thing I have ever written and on the other won't be anonymous to ANYONE.) So obviously, I am terrified of it, because OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAVE I DONE? Someone kick me in the pants.

cut for Ranma 1/2 silliness and also discussion of incest )
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So...my [community profile] white_lotus fic is supposed to be an adventure. It is 2,000 words of dialogue.

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 I have a plan. Hell on Wheels  starts Sunday night, and I will have a draft of my Kaleidoscope assignment done by then. It's 534 words now--1,000 words is EPIC for me, y'all--so, yay! I'm still afraid the recipient will be like, "WHAT. THIS IS THE WORST STORY EVER, " but every time I read it it's not as bad as I thought. I think most of my trouble writing it involves the fear that the recipient will hate it. Then I remind myself that I've loved every story written for me, so maybe I am silly.

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