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I think [personal profile] nenena's birthday present (which is no longer her birthday present, I guess) has passed through an "Oh, God why did I even attempt to write this story, I have no idea how to write an adventure and I picked the wrong villains, their culture is vague as shit and even their canon admits that it is really, really weird they could get away with their villainy for this long and also this story is just stupid" phase.

Cut to spare you )

In other news, here is a meme, stolen from [personal profile] inkstone:

Give me a fandom and at least one other thing (prompt, kink, pairing, color, whatever) and I will attempt to write you a one sentence fic.
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[personal profile] nenena's birthday present is going to require an adventure.


Cut to spare you all )

In other news, this meme is still going on. (Here's Death the Kid!) I like talking about characters and listening to other people talk about them, so come play!
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 Yeah, so realizing that, hey! I sent a type of youkai and a Lovecraftian madness god on a date (with some time to let that realization filter in I THINK SLOWLY, OK?) gave me...more direction than I would like to admit for this. I think I'm in the home stretch now! (Cheerleaders welcome). Go, me!
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So on the one hand Blair is really fun  to write, because KITTY! and also, she's like a satellite of fun. (If it's not fun, Blair doesn't do it. Or maybe it's more like she can have fun doing ANYTHING.) On the other hand, she's also really HARD for me to write because there's not a whole lot of information about her and fanservice is a huge chunk of her job.

Let's talk about Blair )
terajk: Blair in humanish form, swiping a hand like a paw. (blair-chan: nya!)
Okay, so I'm working on my "animal play" square for [community profile] kink_bingo, and it's coming along but I may have broken Blair forever. And then Toph is like: "You know what? For your guro square can I do this cool, disturbing thing? ) and I'm like: "NO!" and Azula is like: "AHAHAHAHAHA" and "Great Sozin I hope so. You didn't plan any squares for me, you bitch."

*throws up hands*

So...drabbles for everyone! You can leave me a prompt or just a random phrase/word/piece of punctuation and I will write you 100 words of something I think you'll like.

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