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The Twin Peaks Fanwork Fest is open at [community profile] twinpeaks!:

1. Leave prompts! Leave as many prompts as you want.
2. Fill prompts! Create stuff.
3. Revel in how talented our Twin Peaks fandom is! We're pretty great, let's be real. Leave comments telling each other great we are.
Other: Please warn for potentially triggering material or write choose not to warn. Any kind of prompts or fills go; comments may contain gifs, pictures of BOB, or other Lynchian content.

Questions? Ask 'em here!

Come play! We have (damn fine) coffee!
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[livejournal.com profile] halfamoon's Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II is live and GUESS WHAT? [personal profile] nickelmountain did a podfic of my story Waffles and Lemonade, (Twin Peaks, Audrey Horne and Denise Bryson) and it is AMAZING. It's also kind of shivery to hear someone else read words I wrote.

There are tons of awesome ladies from all kinds of fandoms in here--Community! Dr. Who! AtLA! Coffee Prince! Fairy tales!, etc.

*flappy hands*
terajk: Iroh and Toph dancing (iroh & toph: Dancing)
Remix 2011 opens for business tomorrow and I cannot wait, people! I see that shiny, secret story in my Gifts page and...eee!

I wrote things! )
terajk: Iroh and Toph dancing (iroh & toph: Dancing)
Oh my goodness there is a shiny new [community profile] twinpeaks comm! And they have some damn fine coffee there! Right now there is a "What brought you to Twin Peaks?" discussion.


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