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Signups are open for [community profile] femslash12, operation: Azula, Katara and Toph get all the babes the multifandom femslash fic exchange/athon! I'm still fiddling with my signup. Come play!

I've never done this exchange before, and am really super nervous, as my sexual orientation is "asexual with a romantic preference for ladies that I have limited experience with in real life." The kinds of things I have strong feelings for aren't necessarily romantic (hand-holding! sharing a bed! sharing food! cuddles!--*will edit signup to offer Aoi Hana after posting this, as I can't believe I FORGOT*), and in my writing I never know if I've shipped people or not. Also, while I write all kinds of kinky fic, I write porn only slightly better than I write maps. D:

After a re-read of Azumanga Daioh I find myself craving (Kagura)&/Osaka&/Tomo. Or Tomo roleplaying as Fujiko Mine. Which is kind of silly, as my memories of Lupin III are vague as hell and almost none of them involve Fujiko except as a name Lupin mentioned a lot. (Luckily, Fujiko has her own anime now!)

Also, for anyone so inclined, my AIM chat name is terajk (boring, I know)

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