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Title: Fly Creek is a Mighty Fine Town
Fandom: Squirm (1976)
Music: "The Fox" by Nickel Creek
Summary: They never had such a supper in their lives.
Warnings: worms, body horror involving worms, forced kissing, violence, corpses, flashing lights
Length: 2:36

My first thought was to pick JP Simon's Slugs: The Movie for this vid, and maybe I should have. For a movie about worms eating people, Squirm doesn't have a lot of worm-related footage. (Most of it is Useless Love Triangle footage.) But Squirm has a special place in my heart. I first saw it on Mystery Science Theater 3000, where I was so intrigued I kept wanting Mike and the 'bots to shut up so I could watch the movie. 

Unfortunately, MPEG Streamclip decided it didn't want to play nice with my copy; it played nicer with the one I downloaded off the Internet, but *that* version was missing the end, for some reason. The end result isn't what I hoped for--I had to cut up a lot of the same footage at different places, because the worms aren't in the movie very much.

But I did it, and it's not a complete disaster.

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