terajk: Ryoga, grabbing Ranma by his pajama-top and shouting: "Do you remember where my house is?!" (the elder gods are snickering)
  1. I should probably just accept that Soul Eater has eaten my brain for now. (TMI: Some of the problem is that it's also my Time of the Month /TMI) I should probably work on vacuuming the house and playing the video game I'm supposed to be reviewing, but other than that, I should just go with it. Relatedly

  2. The Disability in Soul Eater series made the Fanlore Soul Eater page! On the one hand I'm totally humbled, and on the other hand--eep! Because

  3. I still have to finish it, and I haven't even started the next part, because Professor Stein is intimidating as hell--and not because he likes dissecting people. (I should probably just forget that part in the wiki that says he's one of the most complex characters in the series.). And Ms. Marie, IDEK. While she totally does have a disability (hint: I started watching/reading Soul Eater for Operation: Find All the Lost People), she breaks the pattern of how the other PWD are in a couple major ways. And I'm not sure Ohkubo considers her a PWD to begin with, though I suppose his opinion doesn't matter :p.

  4. I sort of...want all the Blair and Kid friendship fic ever? Where she thinks he's weird because he doesn't really respond to her Awesome Sex Powers? And he thinks she's weird because she's super-friendly/keeps trying to use her Awesome Sex Powers/is a cat, but they're still friends anyway? And he's somehow better friends with Blair than anyone else is?

  5. Okay, okay...I want all the Kid & anybody friendship fic ever. (Kid and Crona? I mean, screw the manga's actual plot--come on.) And I really think that he and Maka should interact more. They both can see souls! They both have super-awesome security clearance at the library! She's a garden-variety perfectionist! She even asked him to go on a mission with her once and I was SO HAPPY because they would have an ADVENTURE! But then Kid lost all his spoons--all of them--and didn't get to go, and I was very sad.

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