Jun. 16th, 2012


Jun. 16th, 2012 09:54 pm
terajk: Blair in humanish form, swiping a hand like a paw. (blair-chan: nya!)

  1. So, there's this new coffee shop opening up (COFFEE!) and I know how to walk there! It's owned by/part of a church, and the church is looking for volunteers to help out for an hour a week, doing drywall or vacuuming and doing windows. Yesterday I actually talked to the pastor and was supposed to come in today, but there were storms! I did actually call to let him know I wouldn't be in (sort of a big deal for me,) but I still feel bad. Even though, like, there was supposed to be a parade today and it got postponed/cancelled.

  2. TERRIBLE horror movie I saw today! Fatphobia and ableism )

  3. Speaking of feeling bad, I defaulted on my first fic exchange D: But! While writing 1k is sort-of-overwhelming for me right now, I can still make treats? Which are shorter? And which don't have to be fic?

  4. My brain wants to write character sketches--I do this a lot, and it's an important part of my process. But right now my brain wants to tackle the Toph-Azula thing, (SPOILERS) and nothing good EVER comes of that. I've half-convinced myself that once I've worked out all the interpersonal conflicts and also FEELINGS, the actual plot will fall into place. And it won't require Toph's friends/Zuko and Iroh to come down with Plot-Induced Incompentence. Or convenient death.

  5. Relatedly! I could also work on things that have stuff in common with the Toph-Azula thing, but would be less hard/made of shame and foolishness. Like The Epic Story of That Time Shibusen was Undergoing Renovations and Kid and Miss Marie Were Like, "Eff this nonsense! Let's skip school!" Or The Epic Story of How Ranma Showed Ryoga Where the Cat Cafe Is, Maybe, and Akane Sprained Her Eyeballs from Rolling Them So Hard. Or The Epic Story of That Time Ryoga and Mousse Saved Nerima and by Extension, the Universe Together, although I need to read Journey to the West Or Blair doing things (including being a psychiatric service cat) because....BLAIR! (A lot of things we've found about service animals are about dogs. Blair would like to complain.)

  6. I still haven't figured out, like, a way to organize all these notes and research generally. Which means I can also waste time planning A System instead of writing or whatever. (Although I do totally need A System.)

  7. But again, I still feel BAD about not being able to write things, and 100 words is doable! And [personal profile] petra is running Porn Tag Calvinball! My thread is here. (ATLA, Ouran, Ranma 1/2, Soul Eater--also if anyone wants to prompt me with Azula/Toph I will not complain.

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